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Jay Park Shares Tracklist for 2nd Album ‘EVOLUTION’ and His Thoughts of the Album

D-7! Seven days left until Jay Park will be releasing his second album, ‘Evolution’, and while we are waiting, he raised our enthusiasm of the album by revealing a 17-song track list for the album!

Bv11NUcCcAAZUcEAlthough we could see a few tracks that we have heard before on the release of being singles at the time, there is still lots to expect from the new songs in this album. The title track, ‘So Good’ is produced along with fellow AOMG member Cha Cha Malone. It has also been revealed that Jay Park contributed in producing all of the songs in this album, making it a very personal album to the artist.

Along with the track list, Jay Park also shared his thoughts about the upcoming album, through twitter and instagram.



With that message, we could tell that Jay Park has put a lot of effort in producing this second album, let’s look forward to his amazing work!

‘Evolution’ will be released on September 1st.


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