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“My Lovely Girl” Unveils Another Plot For BESTie Haeryung, INFINITE L, and f(x) Krystal Character

The upcoming SBS drama “My Lovely Girl” has been gaining much interest with the list of idols who’re joining in the cast.

Rain will play as Lee Hyun-Wook, the CEO of the music company. f(x) Krystal as Se Na, the singer and songwriter. INFINITE L and Hoya will be the member of a group named “Infinite Power”. L is the visual, Si Woo, while Hoya is the leader Kang Rae Heon.

Previously, there’s some plot of the story had been revealed that Raeheon’s girlfriend accidentally fall for Siwoo. While Siwoo is taking his attention to Ra Eum, played by BESTie’s Haeryung. Ra Eum is a sexy, beautiful, and stood out because of her outstanding vocal. Which every idols are trying to get her. Siwoo is a top idol in AnA agency and as he confess his affection to Ra Eum, he got rejected and this event unintentionally seen by Se Na.

Seeing the rejection of Siwoo, Se Na and Siwoo start communicating with awkward atmosphere and began to develop a bond between them.

This exciting story is making the fans of them can’t wait no more for the drama to air. The drama is set to premiere on September 17th.

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