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VIXX’s Ken to Play as a ‘Motae Solo’ Character in Upcoming Sitcom ‘Boarding House No. 24’

Have you ever hear of the term ‘motae solo’ (모태솔로)? This is a Korean term that means a person is single, like forever single, that has never dated or having dating experiences before. VIXX’s Ken, soon to debut as an actor in upcoming MBC’s sitcom  ‘하숙24번지’ or ‘Boarding House No. 24’ will be playing a character of such. Reportedly it has been said that the role he will be playing despite never dated before, he will be a guy that seems to be good at every thing, that it actually won’t be hard for him to attract girls. Since it will be Ken’s first attempt on the small screen, it also has been reported that the idol is busy practicing his role.

Alongside with Ken, ZE:A’s Dongjun, Tiny-G’s Dohee, Rainbow’s Hyunyoung, and Jewelry’s Semi will also be in the sitcom. The sitcom will be about six youths in their 20s living in the same house, sharing their unique and funny experiences while living together. It will not be the first sitcom that is situated like so, but still there’s things to look forward and anticipate in ‘Boarding House No. 24’ that is scheduled to air in September.

With Ken’s image and personality as an idol, do you think he will be able to pull out the role well? Tell us what you think, Jjangers!

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