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Shinzu’i White Concert: Full of Different Charms

Beauty care brand, Shinzu’i, gave quite a shock after their sudden announcement of bringing SISTAR, Apink, and Soomin to Indonesia. This news was delightfully welcomed by the groups’ fans, although not many aware of Soomin’s name until the announcement. A lot of promos made which sign that the tickets not doing really well despite being sold in reasonable prices and cheaper than other Korean pop concerts held in Jakarta. But, I might say, for the fans of the performers, you certainly missed something as full of charms as this concert!

I’m currently a big fan of Apink so this review might be bias in some degree, but I was having so much fun while watching the concert. It was refreshing to see more males than ever in a Korean concert because the last time I saw them popped out in a Korean concert (in a big number) was at SMTOWN Jakarta which happened two years ago. I didn’t attend SNSD’s concert and 2NE1’s concert still had more women than men, so yes it was fun to witness a Korean pop concert along with the full spirit guys whom I met at Shinzu’I White Concert.

The concert was opened by dance cover performance of Apink which I missed partly due to the late of media entrance. The performance was good and I so much prefer seeing girls with light make-up doing dance cover than seeing other boys dance cover groups who often put more make up to their face than me for my entire life. The end of dance cover performance, which was Apink’s latest hit, Mr. Chu, was followed by the entrance of hip hop duo Crispi Crunch. I thought Soomin was the main star for this first section, but Crispi Crunch did more performance with Soomin featured in theirs for smaller parts. I had no problem with it because the Crispi Crunch guys were so squishy and nervous and that was quite cute of them. And everyone seemed to enjoy their performances as well and got their energies up by the duo and Soomin’s performances. The first section ended with their tough and fun charms.

The second section was for my girls, Apink! I felt so disappointed at first because Eunji wasn’t able to show up except through the VCR shown at the concert. But the more Apink performed, the more I feel satisfied and happy because well…they prove they could do just fine without Eunji who was said to be the only important substance in Apink. I was really proud of Bomi and Namjoo who were covering Eunji’s parts, especially Bomi who did really, really, really, really well in covering Eunji’s high note part in NoNoNo. The crowds seemed have so much fun doing fan chants and I swear the fan chants were really loud and everyone was screaming together with Bomi who sometimes lead our chants. Guys around me were being so fun to watched because they were so expressive, energetic, and genuinely happy when enjoying the beautiful and lovely girls of Apink. Apink was so lovely because they jumping around and looked like they had fun as much as us with the constant cute “Terima kasih” and introductions of next songs. So we got the cute and lovely charms from our girls in second section.

Third section and the most questionable section from the night was filled by JKT48’s performances. It might be only me who didn’t enjoy it not just because I didn’t know even a single of their songs, but the sound system was also unfortunately bad as well as the crowds around me who didn’t seem to enjoy it, except the small group of funny boys who were chanting extremely loud and dancing along with JKT48 in one corner of seat section. I felt like the performances not really match with the concert because JKT48 was supposed to be a group with Japanese pop influence so their songs of course sounded so Jpop, but I admit the girls looked really cute and not affected by the boring crowds and I saluted them for that. JKT48 gave us the unique and playful charms for the night.

Fourth and last section was welcomed by extremely different reaction from the crowds because everyone suddenly stood up from their places and screaming like no other day once SISTAR entered the stage singing their latest song, Touch My Body. Once again, I had so much fun seeing the reactions from guys around me who are being wild watching SISTAR’s performances. The girls were indeed explode with sexy and appealing charms in each of their performances and successfully managed to show different type of sexiness by each song. I give props to Bora and Dasom who looked so bright and smiling all the time which also gave them the lovely charm like the one brought by Apink. SISTAR closed their stage with So Cool and successfully pulled more screams from the crowds.

The overall concert was 7.5 out of 10 points from me and that is purely my fault for not knowing JKT48 enough to not enjoy their performances. But, really I thought they were there for the opening act so I was quite disappointed to see them performed after Apink and I thought that was a wrong move because the dynamic of the crowds at the concert became not stable and decreased once the group performed. I thank JKT48 though, for being as lively and playful as ever even without supporting crowds because that is a hard task to do. I love Apink’s stages the most partly because they are my favorite girls, but mostly due to them being the one who seemed to enjoy the concert the most. I hope I can see them in the future in their solo concert (and with Eunji please!) and I wish it will be more intimate concert in a rather small venue like Istora Senayan again so all of us can have the same enjoyment or maybe more as the one we got tonight.

Thank you for Shinzu’I for bringing the girls here, Dreamers Radio for being such an awesome organizer, and simply for Soomin, Crispi Crunch, JKT48, Apink, and SISTAR who rocked the Friday night. See you really soon!

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