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SM To Debut a New Girl Group From Their “Rookies”

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Following the rumour that spread around about SM Entertainment to debuting a new girl-group, it turns out to be true!

Today, SM Representative told the media if the new group will planning to debut in August. “Yes,it’s (new girl-group) is in work, the date time, the concept, will be revealed later. Please look forward to them”.

Though, Sport Chosun has heard if the group will consists of 4 members! Seulgi, Irene and Wendy were said to be included. But, the fourth member is still unknown yet. “The fourth is still in her last year in high school. Pretty, lot of talents.” they said. The heard concept of the girls was between Girls Generation’s girly concept and f(x)’s tough one.

Seulgi,Irene and Wendy were already introduced on to show their talent. Dancing, singing, acting are their specialties.

Wow, can’t wait for them to be debuted!


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2 Comments on SM To Debut a New Girl Group From Their “Rookies”

  1. The fourth member is Joy and the group’s named “Red Velvet” Lol! Sucky name!


  2. You mixed Irene and Wendy up lol


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