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Jun Ji Hyun Kloud CF Accused Plagiarizing Gucci’s Ad

Another controversies come again to popular actress, Jun Ji Hyun. Recently her new beer CF “Kloud” accused plagiarizing Gucci’s Advertisement with Blake Lively as the model.

Gucci’s advertisement is up on August last year, meanwhile Kloud released on May this year. Fans pointed out about similarities in the scene as both actress looking through the window from a high building and same posture of walk.

However, Daehong Communications, the agency which produced the Kloud CF denied the plagiarism issue. They stated that it is truly a creative work of the team and the gold dress is chosen because it is a beer CF.

What do you think, jjangers?



KoreanUpdates Media believes in freedom of expression in finding reliable source for our news posted here. We do not have to attach or provide news of where it originated. If you find any similarity on our news, there is no intention to plagiarise news from other sources, because all of the main idea of the news is the same and can be written in the same way or differently depending on the characteristic of the writing of journalists associated.

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