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Victoria is The Next for “Red Light” Image Teaser!

BrRAvJtCIAA1O_t.jpg large

After Krystal and Sulli, finally it’s f(x) leader, Victoria,  turn for “Red Light” teaser!

Noticing their comeback in early July, f(x) steadily releasing teaser images of the member’s. Krystal and Sulli, whose teasers got revealed in turn for two days, each had 13 teasers in dark and creepy concept.

f(x) will have a comeback stage at Mnet’s MCountdown July 3. “Red Light” is their third full-album after releasing “Pink Tape” last year.

Check out Vic’s teasers for “Red Light” below:

BrRAvJtCIAA1O_t.jpg large

BrRAu8ZCQAA5qwX.jpg large

BrRAuuzCMAABLjq.jpg large

BrRAwVICAAIjWv3.jpg large

BrRcMrACcAAwzfH.jpg large

BrRcNWMCIAEbqUg.jpg large

BrR4lhzCYAAJptH.jpg large

BrR4mWnCUAAbpQL.jpg large


BrSFnjyCEAAzAvz.jpg large






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