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‘It’s Okay, It’s Love’ Production Admitted The Plagiarism Issue of It’s Teaser

‘It’s Okay, It’s Love’ is scheduled to premiered after “You’re Surrounded”.

The production team start releasing some teasers for the drama. However, the latest teasers accused plagiarizing the concept from Celia Rowlson-Hall. The teaser exactly the same with the video from Celia Rowlson-Hall titled “Olive Juice” and her official site

Fans pointed out the similarity and the agency, GT Entertainment and CJ E&M representative sent their apologize and explained, “When the production team searching for the love concept, they’re searching to find the image and video that explain the concept well and end up with the video.

But, however, we admit that we’re doing wrong. We’ll delete all the teaser and won’t use it in the future.”


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