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SHINee Onew’s Reason For Absent in Music Bank Brazil and Musical Singin’ In The Rain Revealed


After leaving fans wondering about the reason of SHINee’s leader, Onew, didn’t take a part of their performance in KBS Music Bank in Brazil, SM finally revealed the reason!

“He had a surgery for removal of vocal polyps and vocal fold mucosa reconstruction on June 3” SM representative said. So, Onew belatedly known to underwent surgery on his throat, which caused him could’t singing for a while.

For now,Onew already discharged from the hospital and will fully recovering there. “After the recovery, his daily activities won’t changed, but please patiently waiting for him to recover, now he’s receiving a treatment to make it better,” they add.

Before, there were a lot of  rumours spread around after his participation in SM’s musical “Singin’s In The Rain” is cancelled. And When SHINee participated in Music Bank in Brazil 7th June, Onew didn’t showed up with the others.

Now fans can be relieved yet sad after knowing the real reason. But for now let’s pray for him to could recover faster okay! See you in 22th June ^^

Get well soon, Onew-nim ><


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