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Get Hurt in The Eye, Lee Seunggi Cancels Filming “You’re All Surrounded”


On the 9th June, the PD of drama “You’re All Surrounded” revealed a bad news. They had to cancelled the shooting on that day because something happened on the set.

Belatedly, there was an accident on the set, Lee Seunggi’s eye got hurt while filming. Not only a small scars, but his eye got stabbed by a fake sword which is a property for the drama. He was rushed to the hospital because it was bleeding so much.

The doctor in the hospital said he needed a full rest, Lee Seunggi’s eye got diagnosed of intraocular hemorrhage and corneal damage, or which means internal bleeding on his chornea and unfortunately may caused a harm for his eye.

Because of the accident, the filming of the drama will be delayed, or to be ended for the worst because Seunggi is the main lead.

But for now, lets pray for his recovery! I hope nothing is damaged, and Lee Seunggi’s eye to get better soon! ><

Himnaeseyo oppa T^T

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