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Molly.D Released “Snapback” MV (Feat. Comedian Maeng Seung Ji) & Mini Album “A Good Day”

On May 22nd, rapper-songwriter Molly.D released an MV for Snapback, an easy-listening hip-hop song which also features a witty rap by a popular female comedian, Maeng Seung Ji. It is then followed by the release of his newest mini album, A Good Day on the 23rd.

Snapback encases a trademark-rhythmical rap by Molly.D, which was done in an relaxed, flowing style. The lyrics is about romantic feelings of man who has been falling in love with a woman who looks pretty in a snapback for a long time. Prior to it’s release, the rapper released MV for Ain’t Nobody (feat. Basick & Goo In Hee of Pretty Brown), third track of the same album on the 15th.

a good day

Molly.D has always been known as a rapper in the underground K-Hip-Hop music scene. As he left for New York in his younger days, the rapper hasn’t really been active. A notable work of his prior to Good Day was Mollywood Classic Vol.1 in February 24, 2009 which contains 14 tracks. He just got back to Korea in 2013. In the meantime, Maeng Seung Ji, the female rapper in the track is a rising comedian. She holds the MBC’s 2013 Rookie of The Year title in comedy category.

The track list of A Good Day is as follows :

  1. 5AM (Feat. Son Min Jeong of Pearl’s Day)
  2. 스냅백 (Snapback) (Feat. Maeng Seung Ji)
  3. Ain’t Nobody (Feat. Basick & Goo In Hee of Pretty Brown)
  4. 영화볼래 (Want to Watch A Movie) (Feat. Dopesun)
  5. 잠이 오겠니 (Album ver.)

And let’s watch the MV below! 🙂



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