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INFINITE’s Leader, Kim Sunggyu, Revealed That He is Woollim CEO’s Nephew

After the comeback showcase which is held in Korea, Kim Sunggyu, the leader of INFINITE reveals the secret which he’s been hiding. On May 21st, he said “I joined INFINITE after a long audition and talent test. But that doesn’t mean I have no connection in Woollim.” Then it’s revealed that he’s actually the nephew of Woollim’s CEO, Lee Jung Yeop.

Kim Sunggyu is known as NELL’s fanboy and auditioned in Woollim, the same agency as NELL. Even tough Sunggyu has a connection with the CEO, he decided to going through the normal audition.

This is not the first time and idol confessed that he/she is actually has a connection with the CEO. Previously, MBLAQ’s Mir and SNSD’s Sunny also revealed that they’re CEO’s nephew and niece.


Sports Seoul has deleted the post about INFINITE’s Sunggyu and his connection with Woollim’s CEO. This may be indicating that the news is not true. Previously, Inspirit (INFINITE’s fan) found it weird about the news because it’s only posted on Sports Seoul. They also found out this news is weird after the reporter post some friendly photos with INFINITE after the showcase. It was a misunderstanding between the source and the reporter.



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1 Comment on INFINITE’s Leader, Kim Sunggyu, Revealed That He is Woollim CEO’s Nephew

  1. pattyannihilate // March 17, 2015 at 1:14 AM // Reply

    [UPDATE – 05/23] The following report was soon revealed as false. The statement after the showcase was a simple light-hearted joke between Sungkyu and Lee Jong Yeop, who are close, and the two meant that they are simply close like uncle and nephew. There is no familial relationship between Infinite’s Sungkyu and Woollim Entertainment CEO Lee Jong Yeop.


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