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94 and 95 Liners Celebrating “Coming of Age” Day

In Korea, “Coming of Age” is celebrated for those who has passed 20 years old and becoming and adult in Korea. Because in Korea, age determined your status. But due to the new regulations, Korean who has reached 19 years old now also considered as an adult. This May 19th, most of idols who born in 1 July 1994 – 1995 are celebrating their transition to became an adult. Usually they’ll got rose, perfume, and kiss as the gift.

TeenTop’s Niel, Ricky, and Changjo shared a photo of them celebrating it with biting a rose each of them. Meanwhile BTS’ Rap Monster, V, and Jimin also took a photo of them with a bouquet of rose and wine. MissA’s Suzy post 3 selcas of her with a big rose bouquet on her instagram.


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