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EXO’s Luhan To Act in “Back To 20s”, The Chinese Version of “Miss Granny”

EXO’s Luhan is confirmed to be one of the cast in the Chinese version of popular movie, “Miss Granny”. Titled “Back To 20s” this Chinese version will be directed by Chen Zhen Dao. Luhan will played a role as the grandson of the main female character which previously in Korean version was played by B1A4’s Jinyoung.

“Back To 20s” will be starred by Yang Zishan and Bolin Che as the lead role. The shooting it self will be started on May 20th.



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13 Comments on EXO’s Luhan To Act in “Back To 20s”, The Chinese Version of “Miss Granny”

  1. Luhan Saranghae // January 7, 2015 at 5:31 AM // Reply

    Luhan ❤ , Fighting. And phairosa dura, you can't download the movie yet 'cause it will be aired on Jan 15, I think?


  2. I’ve watched the trailer and Luhan’s music video Our Tomorrow, and that was cool! Can’t wait for watch the full movie


  3. I can’t wait to watch his movie luhan ne saranghaeyo oppa ❤ ❤ ❤ go go go fight fight Aja 🙂


  4. i loved you so much luhan oppa,,, i loed you more than anything,,, when i can to meet with you,,, aaarrrgghhhh


  5. luhannnnnnnnnn


  6. ‘Back to 20s’ will be release in March 2015 & ‘Somewhere we only know’ (Kris Wu) will be release on Valentine’s day 🙂

    Can’t wait to watch their movies… Kyaaaaa!! xD


  7. when the movie will be aired ?


  8. Luhan 강한 사랑 당신을합니다.


  9. Luhan 당신을 사랑 해요.


  10. My Friend said that Back To 20s are so nice movie and the one of the cast is the member of EXO and that is LUHAN and im very excited to watch it because is LUHAN is my favorite member of EXO ❤


  11. Yess! the filming for back to 20s was delayed but luhan’s heading to beijing right now to shoot the movie.

    I hope he does daebak!!!


  12. Luhan

    How can i download this movie
    *i download videoder then i try to download it but…. cant download it

    I really want to see luhan while acting this movie!!
    I want to see luhan luhan luhan

    I really really like you luhamburger!!


  13. I wang to watch this movie because im very curious and i love luhan i reallh like him !!

    Luhan fighting♥♥


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