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Yoon Jong Shin Calls Off April Monthly Project

image_readtop_2014_621103_13980324601308190   Famous singer-song producer Yoon Jong Shin announced that his monthly project for April 2014 will be canceled. Although the reason was not stated in the announcement, this is understood by many as a form of respect and sympathy of the artist towards the victims of Sewol tragedy. 

The announcement was made through his Twitter (@MelodyMonthly) on the 20th as the star briefly tweeted, “This April Monthly Yoon Jong Shin will be canceled.” 

Monthly Yoon Jong Shin is an annual song project started by the artist since March 2010. Since then, he consistently drops a new song every month in the past four years  (with several exclusions). The latest release was in March 25th 2014, entitled Wild Boy (feat. Kang Seung Yoon & Song Min Ho of WINNER).

Image Source : Star Today

1 Comment on Yoon Jong Shin Calls Off April Monthly Project

  1. It’s a truly awful tragedy. I just blogged about this too, specifically on why I think that Western critics who try to link disasters like this to Korea’s Confucian culture are so often misguided. Please check it out at Sweet Pickles and Corn. Cheers!


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