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Stars Donate and Volunteers to Support Sewol Rescue Operation

Various stars have united in one thought, supporting the rescue operation of Sewol ferry tragedy victims in Jindo. Many of them donated or even joined to volunteer themselves.

On April 18, it was reported that National Baseball Athlete Ryu Hyun Jin had donated 100 million Won (approximately 93,600 USD) to support the operation. Actor Song Seung Hun donated the same amount through Salvation Army, a Christian charitable organization who are currently helping in the operation scene. Celebrity Baseball Team ZomaZoma, club of actor Lee Pil Mo, Park Sang Won, musical actor Lim Taekyung, and many more stars also managed to gather 10 million Won (9,360 USD) charity fund in just few hours. Speaking on behalf of the active and donating members, leader Shim Hyun Seob expressed on April 18, “We hope that the aid will be delivered quickly.” The donation by ZomaZoma is said to be sent through one of YTN’s anchor, Jung Chun Bae, who was at the scene by the time the fund was gathered.

Meanwhile, there are also stars reported to be joining the operation directly by doing voluntary works. Some of them are actor Jung Dong Nam, comedian Kim Jung Goo, and Super Junior Leeteuk’s older sister, Park In Young. On April 17, before going to the operation scene, the older sister tweeted that she went to the scene along with Salvation Army’s communication director, 2 friends, and 2 managers. “I hope we can help even if just a little,” she said.

Presently, it has been 103 hours since the accident happened. Rescue operation is still ongoing, with the following stats : 174 rescued, 246 missing, and 56 dead. Our thoughts and prayers go to the victims and their families.

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