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2PM’s Chansung Criticizes Society

2014042000560_0 Member of popular boygroup 2PM, Hwang Chansung, expressed his critic towards society. On his personal twitter (@2PMagreement211), the star wrote his anger towards people taking advantages upon the Sewol tragedy.

Chansung wrote two long tweets to express his sadness and frustration. On the first tweet, he wrote “Accidents can happen. But how we handle it reflects how our society is. It shows what kind of environment we are living in. This accident can happen to anyone including us, not just to strangers. Now I have the idea that the society is sick.” He then continued, “I am very sad and upset.. Since the accident, my heart feels very heavy. I feel this way because of the accident, also because of the malicious actions and unverified facts spreading around, hurting people with wounded heart further. People like that (the one  spreading rumors/doing malicious actions).. I hope they would feel the same pain they have caused.”

Since the news regarding Sewol came out, many false rumors and facts are spread. For example, text messages saying the writer is a survivor of the accident and still trapped inside the ship, asking for help–which turned out to be fake. There are also times when the reported number of survivors fluctuate, giving the families hope and  breaking their hearts apart afterwards.

Currently, the latest stats (104 hours since accident) regarding Sewol survivors are reported to be 174 rescued, 224 missing, and 58 dead.

Image Source : Chosun

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