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K-Movie “Way Back Home” Makes It Way To Blitzmegaplex, Indonesia

The words "coming home" perhaps sounds like an easy, daily thing to us. But what if one day you were caught in a crime you have no knowledge of, being jailed in a country on the other side of the world, unable to grasp the situation nor knowing what to do? Will coming home stay as a simple, daily thing? On February 20, Jive Entertainment held a screening for "Way Back Home" (집으로 가는 길), a Korean movie adapted from the true story of Jang Mi-Jung, a Korean citizen who got arrested in Orly Airport, France, back in 2004.  The main stars of the adult-rated movie are the infamous actress Jeon Do-Yeon, actor Go-Soo, and child actress Kang Ji-Woo. The screening took place in Blitzmegaplex Grand Indonesia, Theater 7 for approximately two hours. Many attended the reserved event, leaving almost no seats empty in the room.

“Way Back Home” tells a story of a small family consisted of Jeong-Yoon (Jeon Do-Yeon), Jong-Bae (Go-Soo), and Hye-Rim (Kang Ji-Woo). Initially, they made a living out of a small car repair shop that they run themselves. They were living a happy, contented life even without possessing anything grand. Things changed drastically when a friend of Jong-Bae committed suicide, leaving him as a guarantor of his friend’s debts.

The debt was in large sum of money, which Jeong-Yoon and Jong-Bae were unable to pay.

To pay the debts, the small family eventually had to sell their shop and were kicked out of their apartment. Still, the money they got wasn’t enough. Trying to find a job, Jong-Bae brought his wife and child to meet an old friend, Seo Mun-Do. Mun-Do suggested a promising but suspicious gemstones-delivering job to Paris, France, in which Jeong-Yoon initially strongly opposed to. Yet, as the small family ran out of options to make money, Jeong-Yoon agreed to take the job on herself.

That was when the nightmare began. At France airport, it was found out that the so-called gemstones are actually Cocaine. Jeong-Yoon got arrested for the crime she did but she didn’t have knowledge of. Thus, the struggle of her trying to find her way back home to Korea begin.

During the screening, despite of the movie having what seemingly heavy, socio-legal criticizing theme, audiences were seen very absorbed. By the end of the event, some were even seen leaving the theater with swollen eyes as the result of the intense, tear-jerking plot.

“Way Back Home” will be available in Blitzmegaplex cinemas starting from February 26. For you who are highly interested in social, humanist, also government-criticizing drama story, this movie is definitely a must-watch. Mark your calendars and make sure to watch it, fellas! 🙂

Meanwhile, check out the teaser-trailer below.

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