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C-JeS and AVEX Ends JYJ Lawsuit

On February 16th, C-JeS Entertainment, agency of JYJ wrote on their official website that they and AVEX (Japan) has came to an agreement to finish all of their lawsuits regarding JYJ. They stated that both side "Will not interfere with each other's activities from now on." The dispute started on September 2010 when AVEX, who back then held the right over JYJ's Japan management, one sidedly suspended JYJ's activities as they came into a disagreement with C-JeS upon the group's range of activities in Japan.

C-JeS thus decided to end the contract with AVEX and held JYJ’s Japanese promotional activities alone. As AVEX continued to claim that they had exclusive rights over JYJ’s management in Japan, JYJ filed lawsuits to restrain AVEX from claiming for damages and to stop them from intervening  in JYJ’s Japanese activities.

In January 2013, Japan’s Tokyo Regional Court ordered that AVEX should not persist and that they should pay approximately 660 million Yen (around 6.4 million USD) as damage compensation to C-JeS. Regarding the dispute’s end, Baek Chang-Joo, CEO of C-JeS expressed gratitude towards Japan judiciary and relief that the long dispute has finally came to an end. He also stated that they hope JYJ “will have more opportunities to meet the fans in Japan.”

Image source : Asia Today

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