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Oct – Nov 2013


Hi everyone!

It’s been two months since our last edition; so many events happened! *Which you can check on KU Exclusive ;)*

This edition, we bring you our regular articles, PLUS new corners. Guess what they are 😉 Fanartist and upgraded Jjangers’ Corner, yay!

Our drama and album review give you a good recommendation of what to watch and listen to, Good Doctor, anyone? 😉

Our tourism corner takes you to a beautiful area in Korea; ah I really wanna go there for a long holiday, hahaha…

There are also lots of articles to keep you up with KPop world, including the exclusive interview with the talented young korean fingerstyle guitarist, Sungha Jung in his second concert tour in Indonesia.

I’ll leave you to read the rest of the magazine and drown yourself in the joy of reading 😀

Please give your feedback regarding our new corner, send an email to; the best input will get special merchandise from us 😉

We keep experimenting on new corners for our beloved readers; you might see some changes being made every edition. Believe us, we are trying to give you the best 😉 Because we love our Jjangers!

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