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July 2014



Happy Ramadan!
To those who do fasting and celebrate the holy month of Ramadan, may you be blessed ^^
Ever wondered how Muslims in Korea do their fasting, being in a country where Islam is a minority? Make sure to check out our featured article about it 😉
We also offer you a great recommendation of breakfasting’s places in our GO!Rea section, with lineup of bingsu, ice cream, cakes, and many more, yummm~ *oops, sorry if you are tempted in the middle of the day :p*
Tempted, humm? We were surely tempted to bring you great drama and album review and that exactly what we did! Doctor Strangers and You’re All Surrounded as well as new albums of VIXX, Beast, MAMAMOO, and UKISS will brighten up your days. Also, we bring you the never-fading trend of Korean Hip-Hop world, Dynamic Duo!
We are glad to have a very talented traditional fanartist, Abusedmember, to be featured in this edition, and we cannot help but jumping in excitement to share the story of Iqbal, the “Limited Edition” Fanboy ^^
As we are counting days to WINNER’s debut, let’s get to know more about them in KU-Dol 😉 And… Oh! Don’t forget to check out what SHINee’s Taemin wears in Airport KUrdi *yes, we know the name’s lame, but now you’ll remember it* XD
Enjoy the summer, Jjangers! And for those who celebrate it, happy Eid-el-Fitr too 😀

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