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Aug – Sept 2013


Hello Jjangers!

It’s been a long time, right? Do you miss KU Magazine? 

Here comes the August edition, check out the featured artist this time, the multitalented band, CNBLUE! They have proven to be a solid band in this era; wait, did I say ‘era’? Yup! You got it right 😀 Know more about the journey in K-Pop industry through this edition’s issue, The Evolution of K-Pop; be prepared to see old nostalgic pictures 😉

While proofreading the tourism corner this time, I really wanted to just fly to Korea and visit the city of Gangneung; it’s summer, there will be many festivals soon and it’s just a perfect time for a beach vacation! Ah, talking about summer, do you guys know that Koreans believe that you should fight heat with hot food? Thus the serving of Samgyetang in summer, interesting, right? Not only Samgyetang, our recipe also features Chamchijeon, a delicious companion for your meal later. Don’t forget to take a look at our album and drama reviews, as well as the other corners and news 😉

Before I close this note, let me give you a big surprise: the next KoreanUpdates Magazine is going to be published in Bahasa Indonesia! Yayyy~^^

Wondering how it works with contributors from many countries and languages and all the news around? Well, we do magic here in KoreanUpdates XD Don’t worry, we’ll keep some corners in English; 궁금 하시지용? ㅋㅋ (you are curious, right? Hehe)

Please wait for the next issue of KoreanUpdates Magazine, we love you!

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