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March 2013


You know, when it comes to finding out what’s happening around town, there’s nothing quite like hanging out at a café with your friends or slumped on the living room’s sofa while friends gather around and talk.
Really, it’s hard to beat getting the latest news updates from friends, right?
But…a lot of us have grown up during a time when news was more of a monologue. At present, thanks to the interactive communication made available by advancing technology, there’s been a real shift toward getting the latest buzz. Our new e-magazine, KU Magazine, is a good example of that.
The past 3 years, we only share news and updates via our KoreanUpdates website, Twitter, and FB page. Incidentally, our site was created because we want to showcase our journalistic talents while also having fun writing about our favorite Hallyu artists. is stylish and rich with color and texture. It was not only designed to be read, but also to be absorbed. However, we want to improve further as well as give more to our readers so we have came up with the idea of launching our first e-magazine.
KU has been followed by thousands who have always liked the way we report our news. This is one reason why we think that you will like our new e-magazine too.
Check out KU Magazine! And enjoy reading the latest happenings in the KPOP circle, fashion trends, events, and a lot more! Send us your thoughts and ideas, and then keep checking back with us.
And by the way, we are celebrating our 3rd Anniversary! So, we are also greeting all the Jjangers out there because if not for all of you, we wouldn’t have survived this long! Of course KU staffs and Admins are also to thank for…you guys have worked hard to keep our site going.
Lastly, I just want to let everyone know that in time for the KU anniversary, our site has undergone major make-over too. We are relaunching the KU site and everyone can expect a more dynamic KPOP news portal which we hope that all of you will love Hope you will all stick with us as we work to give you only the best!


Louise B.


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