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June – July 2013


Dear Jjangers,

It’s very nice to meet you again on this 4th Edition! Many events have taken place in May, and more to come in June and July, we are glad that we could bring you news, report, review, and coverage about them : ) Check out our coverage and interview, as well as some reviews on albums, drama, and we also have a movie this time! Turn (or slide, literally) the pages to our tourism review about Andong, the icon of art and culture of Korea, try our fried chicken recipe, and enjoy our article on musical idols. Also, get to know Shinhwa and their love-hate relationship with their fans, ShinhwaChangjo in our article about them.

You may notice that some articles get longer than usual; no, it’s not because we want to keep you reading all day long (do we? :p) It is because starting next edition, we are going to publish the magazine every two months instead of monthly. We believe that this change will bring more benefits to our readers and therefore encourage all Jjangers to send us ideas of what new sections should be added to the magazine ; )

Well, I am supposed to make this short in order not to restrain you from reading the magazin already, so, see you in August

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