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June 2014

KoreanUpdates!Magazine JUNE


Dear Jjangers,
KoreanUpdates Magazine is back into monthly issue! Yayyy~ *jjak jjak jjak* :3
Can you feel the summer heat already? It will be cool if we go visit a waterpark, right? 😉 Take a look at our waterpark recommendations, maybe you want to visit some of them when you go to Korea; in addition to experiencing many
exciting events like the lantern festival.
This issue brings you the rising star of K-Pop industry, Akdong Musician, whose cute and sweet songs accompany you through hot days of summer 😉 Also check out other album reviews which surely bring great options to your playlist. Aside of music, there are must watch dramas reviewed by our writers and recommended for you to fill your leisure times 😉
Meet the great artist, Park Hyo Shin and his sweet ballad, talented fanartist, Nin, and skillful MC Erdhio in our magazine! Oh! We have also added a new corner, Airport KUrdi :3 Please don’t judge the name, hahaha~
Anyway, hope you enjoy this edition and let’s meet again soon in July!

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