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Feb – March 2014


축하합니다~ Congratulations!!!

Just in case our cover for this edition does not say it enough, this edition is the anniversary edition, yay! Besides KoreanUpdates’ 4th anniversary, it is also KoreanUpdates Magazine’s first; I can’t believe it has been a year since we met through our first edition *wipe tears* :”)

This February-March edition brings you some information about what Koreans do on the 14th every month, especially in February and March, as well as about Korean age and how is it related to Chinese (and Korean) zodiac. Aside of our lines of regulars like recipe *yumm this time it is japchae!*, Jjangers corner, and reviews, we give you a fun and controversial discussion of crossdressing *doesn’t the term sound familiar? ;)* We also feature ToppDogg, Dok2, and Rarasshii in this edition; find them while flipping through our pages – yes, I’m building your curiousity, hehe :p

We greatly appreciate all the love and support Jjangers have given us throughout the 4 years we are together; not only KoreanUpdates website, I believe KoreanUpdates Magazine will also go big someday!

Finally, please check the heartwarmingly handwritten notes by KoreanUpdates admins, you may as well send us your messages through our Twitter with hashtag #4mazing4nniversary ^^

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