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April – May 2014


Spring brings out the Earth’s finest natural beauty, how many of you enjoy looking through those beautiful cherry blossom pictures? We do! Moreover, springtime seems to bring new love as well; check out our news updates to find out 😉
With the lack of events in the first quarter of this year, we can’t bring you many event coverages; can we give out cute boys in exchange? Oops, maybe “cute” doesn’t really fit Bangtan Boys, or does it? Take a closer look of their profile 😉
Among our regular articles, the artist profile of the month, Standing Egg, might catch your attention 😉 Don’t forget our drama and album review too!

If you notice, we have featured fanartists on our previous editions, different every time; is your favourite fanartist the one featured in this edition? 😉
We’d like to hear your feedback and suggestions, please stay tuned on our Twitter for giveaway regarding our magazine! ^^

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