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April 2013


This is our second edition of KU Magazine! We have place great efforts to offer a nice digital publication so we hope everyone enjoyed reading our very first issue and will like this one too.

Now on to the main topic…

There are a lot of rookie idol groups emerging these days so we have decided to put them on spotlight by choosing RISING STARS for our theme this April. We will be featuring a total of 16 very promising rookie groups in this issue.

BAP would be in our pages because they are one of 2012’s hottest rookies. We took the hip-hop group to reminisce about their beginnings and introduce each member to everyone. On top of that, INFINITE will be our main cover and B1A4 will be the featured artist.

In events coverage, it was an exciting month for us because our schedule is really packed. And take note, the events we have covered are not just anything, but they are the most anticipated happenings in Jakarta, Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore!

For our recipe for this month, it will teach you how to cook Infinite L’s favorite food…Guess what it is!

Take a look at our other offerings in this issue including our tourism, where to go, local goes KPOP, special interviews, and games sections. At any rate, I also wanted to inform you all that I will be stepping down from my responsibilities as Editor-in-Chief of KU Magazine in order to focus on our KU Website.

As I go, I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to our readers and contributors. Your interest and support in this e-mag have been great motivation for us to keep improving and moving forward. Anyway, I am delighted to announce that Ms. Zest has joined KoreanUpdates and she will take my place starting next issue.

Please accept my best wishes for a healthy and successful year for everyone. I look forward to continued interactions with all of you via our KoreanUpdates website

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