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A Full of Fun First Concert of “πŸπŸŽπŸπŸ‘ 𝐓𝐑𝐄𝐀𝐒𝐔𝐑𝐄 π“πŽπ”π‘ [π‡π„π‹π‹πŽ] 𝐈𝐍 π’πˆππ†π€ππŽπ‘π„”

South Korean group TREASURE held their first Asia concert β€œHELLO” in Singapore last Saturday. This was their first visit to Singapore and Singapore’s Teume (TREASURE fandom name, “Treasure Makers”) gave their all to welcome the group to their sunny island. TREASURE kicked off their concert with hits such as β€œJikjin”, β€œBoy” and β€œI Love You” which heated the atmosphere right from the start. The screams and cheers from Singapore’s Teume sure woke up the National Indoor Stadium and made a deep impression on the group.

The group then expressed their joy and excitement about visiting Singapore for the first time. They put effort into giving their speeches in English, trying their best to blend in and close the language barrier. The group then continued their ballad hits and took the chance after an outfit change while the VCR was playing. It was an interactive VCR where cameras will zoom into fans, allowing them to have a chance to take a candid photo with the group. The group then came back to the stage with another wave of their hits including β€œHello”, β€œClap!”, and β€œDarari”. During their second introduction, the members talked about the food they tried, such as the chili crab, and expressed interest in our pepper crab.

They also continued to share the places they hoped to visit such as the iconic night view and our Universal Studio. Singapore’s Teume then gave their recommendations to try our famous kaya toast too. Members also pick up local phrases which melted many of Singapore’s Teume hearts. Singapore’s Teume were also treated with sub-unit performances in which the group also covered songs by their senior, Big Bang iconic β€œBang Bang Bang”. The members also expressed that it was a pity that the concert only runs for a day, thanked Singapore’s Teume for giving their best and they would love to visit Singapore real soon. They also promised that the group will be back real soon and hoped that Singapore’s Teume can wait for them till their next visit.

Wrapping up their first concert in Singapore, the group thanked everyone for coming and hoped tonight’s concert was a good and memorable one. Singapore’s Teume also prepared a special birthday surprise for Haruto and everyone posed for a group photo. The night ended with two rounds of the encore, performing the group’s popular hits β€œEveryday” as well as β€œHello” and the rest of their hits which greatly warmed the hearts of Singapore’s Teume. It was a memorable night spent with Treasure and I believed that it will also be a night where Singapore’s Teume treasure deeply in their hearts.

Reported by: Dionne Lau
Photos cr: YG Entertainment

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