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The U.S Ambassador to South Korea Attacker Also Makes a Scene at EXO’s Concert

South Korea’s American ambassador, Mark Lippert, was attacked by Kim Ki Jong yesterday, March 5. It turns out the attacker often makes scenes in public places, including at one of EXO’s performances.

According to the police, he had been arrested for making a scene when EXO was performing at Hyundai Mall in January. The man suddenly went on rampage because he was disturbed by the performance. When the event’s staff tried to stop him, the man who reportedly often wore hanbok, fought back instead. The police also said that he may be mentally ill.

“He always wears hanbok and shows weird behavior, like suddenly getting mad. He cannot communicate with people and he seems to be mentally ill,” the Seo Dae Moon police’s spokesperson said.

​K​im Ki Jong attacked the American ambassador when he was giving a speech at a school in Seoul. The perpetrator slashed his face and left wrist.

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