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[FEATURE] Korean male idols who are perfect as fashion models

While looks and talent are the basic requirements of becoming an idol, some idols have turned their exceptional height into an additional advantage, as they are able to not only tower over their group members but also pave the way for them to become a fashion model. Take a look at some of these male idols in Kpop who is perfect for the catwalk!

TVXQ Changmin


The duo of Yunho and Changmin started the idea of tall idols in idol groups. With a height of 185, a small face, long neck, and long legs, Changmin indeed matches perfect proportion of a model.
While the idol has not had the opportunity to walk in the runway, Changmin creates his own catwalk every time he walks through an airport with his sensible fashion sense. From casual t-shirt and short denim pants in summer to an all black winter outfit, Changmin graces every outfit he wear with his model-like look.

2AM Seulong


With a height of 186 cm, Im Seulong is surely above average for idols. The member of ballad group 2AM is not only tall but also has muscular body and broad shoulders, which looks perfect in a great suit.
Seoulong is also familiar with the fashion industry. The idol who currently stars in drama ‘Hogu’s love’ has walked in several catwalks before including Andre Kim’s Jewellery fashion show in 2009, ‘K-Collection in Seoul’ in 2012. He also hosted fashion trend program on XTM Homme in 2013 and has appeared in many editorial fashion shoots by Korean fashion magazines.

2PM Chansung


The youngest member of 2PM, Chansung, is not only famous for his dorky personality, but also for his 184 cm height. Aside from the tall appearance, he also amazes his fans and the media with his simple yet classy airport fashion style.
Recently Chansung had the opportunity to walk the runway in the recent Seoul Fashion Week’s 2015 S/S collection for Lie Sangbong’s collection. Although the idol said that he was really nervous, Chansung performed exquisitely with two different styles of clothes from Lie Sangbong.

CNBLUE’s Jungshin


The bassist of CNBLUE has fulfilled his modelling potential with his portfolio in the runway. The idol who stands tall at 187 cm has been modeling for Korean designers since 2010 through Song Hyemyung’s collection in 2011 S/S Seoul Fashion Week. His portfolio also includes Song Zio’s collection for 2011 F/W Seoul Fashion Week and 2015 S/S Seoul Fashion Week. Apart from strutting the catwalk, Jungshin also featured as the main model for Cosmopolitan Magazine’s editorial picture with model Choi Joonyoung.
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