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ZE:A Lee Hoo Is Serious About His Tweet Which Targeting His Agency, Star Empire

ZE:A’s Lee Hoo or previously known as Jun Young took his twitter back to express his disappointment towards his agency.

He tweeted, “I disappointed with the news portal. Please don’t lowering the searching term and increasing ‘Moon Junyoung ZE:A Star Empire Corruption CEO Shin Joo Hak” If you do this, there’ll be another victim and I’ll revealed the first secret.”

I also warn those agency which is on Star Empire’s side, I won’t keep my mouth shut regarding this corruption in those agencies and I’ll reveal the documents. Don’t get hurt because of this because you mustn’t get involved with this internal case.If you think you can solve it, do it with money. You’re an expert in that case (solving the case with money).

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1 Comment on ZE:A Lee Hoo Is Serious About His Tweet Which Targeting His Agency, Star Empire

  1. I support idols. They are being ripped off.


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