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“Myeong-ryang” Passes Ten Millions in Viewers Number in 12 Days after Premiere

“Myeong-ryang” (The Admiral: Roaring Currents) was reported to already joined the ‘millions’ Korean movie category. According to the distributor’s reference, on July 10 – 12 days after the premiere, the movie have reached more than ten millions viewers; with high chance to pass the record of ‘Avatar’ which had more than 13 millions views if the speed rate is stable enough. “Myeong-ryang” view rate’s record itself already defeated ‘Monster’, the Korean movie who took 81 days to reached 13 million views. The movie will join the list of Korea million club’ movies because of its awesome breakthrough.

“Myeong-ryang” is a Korean movie that tells the history of the famous Battle of Myeong-ryang on 1597, during the Japanese invasion of Korea – where the iconic Joseon admiral, Yi Sun-shin (played by Choi Minsik) managed to destroy hundreds Japanese’s warships, just by commanding 13 ships on his side; making this victory was admitted as one of the general’s best victories.


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