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Yoona is Chosen As The Main Lead For Korean Version of “Nodame Cantabile”


After revealing the other casts for Korean Version of “Nodame Cantabile”, finally the female lead of the drama is known! And the chosen beauty is no other than SNSD’s Yoona!

Yoona will takes a role as Nodame, the female lead of the drama. Actor JooWon will take a role as her boyfriend and the conductor. The other casts are taken by Tiny-G’s Dohee, who will played as Sakura, a university student who majoring in contrabass. Baek Yoon Sik also takes a role as the teacher.

“Nodame Cantabile” is originally from Japanese manga, and adopted into a booming drama in Japan. The manga was created by Ninomiya Tomoko, and themed around classical music.

The drama will airing in KBS2 TV in October.

5 Comments on Yoona is Chosen As The Main Lead For Korean Version of “Nodame Cantabile”

  1. please don’t judge her. We’ll just see and wait for it to be aired and feel free to cast all comments here after seeing the drama ok??


  2. black_coffee // July 13, 2014 at 2:52 PM // Reply

    OMO! not a hater.. but she doesn’t fit the character unless she’ll do a 360 degree change like what Go Ara did with in Reply 1994. Nodame’s character is “unique”. She’s mediocre in appearance but is crazily special in her own way. And Yoona.. is no doubt beautiful but she’s not eccentric unless she’s taking secret acting lessons that would help her portray the character. Hopefully, the producers won’t just ride on popularity for the casting. The story itself is already widely known so giving the character justice should be what they should be aiming for.


  3. Yoon_Gidaebak // July 10, 2014 at 12:46 AM // Reply

    i can’t wait to see a very drastic different side of Yoona in this drama and what i like the most is my dream has come true. i was really hoping that Yoona can be paired with Joo Won in any genre of drama or movie. I am so excited to hear this and I hope they will do the best. Fighting!


  4. I don’t hate Yoona, but seriously I can’t picture her as Nodame. Sorry and good luck.


  5. Nodame's Disappointed Fan // July 7, 2014 at 12:10 PM // Reply

    I was disappointed at first but now I’m just angry. Who, seriously, who in their right mind thought this was a good idea? Yoona is not one ounce suited to be Nodame. Nodame is a free-spirit, wacky, crazy piano genius. She is a dirty, sloppy girl who has a innocent child’s heart. How can Yoona fill in these shoes? Nodame is too of a great character and I have no faith that Yoona can pull it off.


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