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Independent Critics TC Candler Reveals “The 100 Most Beautiful & Handsome Face in 2013”

Independent Critics TC Candler lately post a video about 100 beautiful and handsome faces in the world. The list were suggested by the visitor then reviewed by the staff. They scored it based on culture, aesthetic, lifestyle, professions, and degree of fame.

K-Female Star scored it high with the list :

94. Woori
82. E-Young
80. Victoria Song
75. Jaekyung
71. Im Yoona
66. Sooyoung
63. Lizzy
39. IU
34. Go Ara
24. Song Hye Kyo
20. Jessica Jung
14. Suzy Bae
9. Kim Taeyeon
2. Nana


Meanwhile for the Man:

91. Byung-hun Lee
66. Dennis Oh
46. Rain
40. Lee Jung-jae
33. Taeyang
24. Daniel Henney
13. Taecyeon
7.  Choi Siwon

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1 Comment on Independent Critics TC Candler Reveals “The 100 Most Beautiful & Handsome Face in 2013”

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